Plastics in Microwave May Pose Health Risks

A recent Wall Street Journal article has again raised the issue of
plastic food wraps used in microwave ovens. Citing a recent study by
Consumer Reports, the Journal cast doubt on the safety of plastics that
can leak chemicals into foods–some of these chemicals can interfere with
our body’s hormones. While scientists differ in their assessment of the
risks, most agree that consumer caution is warranted. The Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Haven Miller has more:

Proposed Cuts May End Harbor Dredging

Maintenance of small recreational harbors on the Great Lakes could
be cut if the Army Corps (CORE) of Engineers has to trim its budget any
further. This month (October, 1998), Congress rejected a Clinton
Administration request to stop dredging small harbors. The Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson has the story:

Plutonium Protest

Later this month (October, 1998), the U.S. Department of Energy
will begin shipping weapons grade plutonium to Canada for testing as a
possible fuel for nuclear reactors. As Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
commentator Suzanne Elston cautions, this could open up a whole new global
economy for the most deadly substance on earth:

Alcoholic Cider Finding Its Niche

Along with the sights and sounds of autumn, there are certain
tastes associated with the season – like caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and
cider. But now, around the country, people are beginning to discover
another taste from the fall harvest. It’s "hard" cider, an alcoholic
drink made by fermenting ordinary apple cider. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports on this growing industry:

Beekeepers Fight Mite Infestation

Honeybees pollinate crops, flowers, and wild plants, but now the
U.S. honeybee industry is in trouble because of a mite infestation. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports that a quick solution
isn’t likely, because there’s no profit in finding new chemicals to get
rid of the mites:

Appeals Made in Water Diversion Decision

A series of pre-hearing meetings have begun over an Ontario waterbottling company’s efforts to export Lake Superior water to Asia. TheGreat Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson reports that the appeal isfacing an uphill battle:

Mutant Ladybugs Control Pests

It’s nothing new to get predators to get rid of pests. The colorfuland cute ladybug, for example, loves to devour aphids, mites andmealybugs and is used by many people instead of pesticides. But workingwith these flying predators presents some problems. Now, one researchermay have a solution. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelsonreports:

Genetically Altered Trees Eat Mercury

In an article in the journal "Nature Biotechnology" researchers saythey’re developing plants that clean up mercury contamination. TheGreat Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports:

Chocolate Crisis

For years, environmentalists have searched for an issue that wouldmotivate all levels of society into protection of the rainforest. AsGreat Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Suzanne Elston has discovered,a sweet solution might be just around the corner.