A Greener Way to Hit the Slopes

Each year, Purdue University sponsors a contest to find creative usesfor soybeans. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s David Naylor reportson how this year’s winners may have found a "greener" way to hit theslopes:

Treaty Needed for Water Diversion?

The announcement that Ontario is withdrawing its permit for a privateCanadian company to export Lake Superior water to Asia isn’t enough forone Wisconsin member of Congress. He’s calling for a treaty negotiationbetween Washington and Ontario. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s MikeSimonson reports:

FDA Faces Lawsuit

A national coalition of scientists, health experts and religiousleaders is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The lawsuitfiled today (Wednesday, May 27th) claims that the F-D-A’s policy towardgenetically engineered food doesn’t protect consumers. The Great LakesRadio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Northern Great Lakes Center Opens

A new Great Lakes interpretive center opens May 30th on the south shoreof Lake Superior just west of Ashland, Wisconsin. One-hundred andtwenty-five thousand people are expected to visit the center each year.The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Eric Schubring has thestory:

Commentary – Fast Food Fiasco

Our increasingly busy lifestyles have made fast food a regular item inmost families. But as Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator SuzanneElston points out, the food may be fast, but the legacy it leaves, iswith us for centuries:

Algae: The Missing PCB Link?

Toxic chemicals known as P-C-B’s haven’t been used in the U.S. for morethan two decades. But dangerous levels of P-C-B’s remain in the naturalenvironment and pose a threat to human health. To address this problem,scientists are trying to understand how these chemicals get into thefood chain. Now, a scientist at Northwestern University has found alikely answer. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkelreports:

The Horse Whisperer

It may be that we’re entering a kinder, gentler era when it comes tohow we interact with animals. These days, more and more anglers catchand release fish…Dog training is moving away from dominance and towardcooperation…And a method of working with horses is bucking the traditionof "breaking" them. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelsonreports: