Stronger Restrictions on Water Export

The number of people living in areas without fresh water is
growing. And that’s made the Great Lakes more vulnerable to proposals
that would remove large volumes of water. In late March, the International Joint Commission announced a plan to regulate
water removal from the Great Lakes. If adopted, it will severely
bulk exports of drinking water. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Karen Kelly reports:

Midwestern Refuge Aids Wolf Reintroduction

A Midwestern sanctuary for wolves is helping re-introduce the
Mexican Grey Wolf. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham
reports… worldwide the animal’s numbers had dwindled down to five:

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U-S-D-A Reviews Organic Labeling

The U-S Department of Agriculture says new rules defining what
can be labeled organic should be ready by the end of the year. The Great
Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports:

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