Policing Ballast Water

Controlling exotic species in the Great Lakes hasn’t been easy. Scientists have been unable to slow the spread of things like the zebra mussel. But they still have a chance to prevent other non-native species from infesting Great Lake waters. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports on a potential breakthrough:

El Nino Creates Ladybug Explosion

El Nino has been blamed for several things this year…And now there’s one more—an explosion of ladybugs. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Beverly Amsler explains:

Commentary – Reducing Backyard Waste

With Spring upon us, the weather has allowed us to spend some time planting in the garden and cleaning up the yard. But did you know that yard waste accounts for about fifteen percent of total household trash? Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Bob Lilienfeld tells us how to reduce organic waste coming from our lawns:

Rat Patrol

They can chew through cinderblock…tread water for days…And survive…if necessary, by just eating dog feces. But they’re not some kind of mutant superhero…they’re rats. And in cities, where rat populations can quickly explode, there’s a constant battle against the resilient rodents. Today, some cities are winning the war with some surprisingly simple solutions. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson explains:

Accordionist Spreads Deforestation Message

Since the 1960’s, folk music and environmentalism have often gone hand in hand. Usually what comes to mind is Birkenstocks and an acoustic guitar. But now an African musician is making inroads with his accordion and his songs about deforestation. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Dan Rosenberg has the story:

Spearfishing Season Opens Quietly

In Minnesota, State and Tribal Officials are breathing a cautious sigh of relief as the first season of treaty fishing gets underway. They were concerned that ugly confrontations would erupt as native fisherman began the spearfishing season. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Stephanie Hemphill reports, things are quiet so far:

Colored Plastics Threaten Recycling Industry

More and more dairies are packaging their milk products in colorful plastic containers instead of clear plastic. But some say that may be hurting the plastic recycling industry. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Commentary – Radioactive Legacy

Last month (March 1998), the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency released the results of an eight year study. Its purpose was to examine a proposal to bury high level nuclear waste deep in the bedrock of the Canadian Shield. As Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Suzanne Elston discovered, the panel concluded that out of sight, isn’t necessarily out of mind:

Buildings Pose Threat to Bird Migration

Each Spring, nearly five billion migratory birds make their way back to North America after spending the winter south. But only about half of all birds survive the journey. And while millions die of exhaustion or starvation, many other birds die from less natural causes. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports: