Commentary – On the Road

Summer time is travel time. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bob Lilienfeld has a few simple ways for you to enjoy your vacation without treading too heavily on the environment:

Commentary – Summertime Waste Reduction

With summer here, odds are you’ll be spending your free time in your back yard. Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Bob Lilienfeld has a few ways for you to relax without putting a big strain on the environment:

Commentary – Garden Waste

As we prepare our gardens for the growing season, we contribute to the31 million tons of yard waste produced annually. Great Lakes RadioConsortium Commentator Bob Lilienfeld offers suggestions on how toreduce some of that waste:

Commentary – Reducing Backyard Waste

With Spring upon us, the weather has allowed us to spend some time planting in the garden and cleaning up the yard. But did you know that yard waste accounts for about fifteen percent of total household trash? Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Bob Lilienfeld tells us how to reduce organic waste coming from our lawns:

Commentary – Cutting Paper Waste

Remember the paperless society? As we all know, it never really happened. Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Bob Lilienfeld knows why, and has some suggestions on ways to cut back on the ever-increasing avalanche of paper used and thrown away:

Consumption and Cooperation

What does friendship and camaraderie have to do with pollution prevention and waste reduction? According to Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Bob Lilienfeld, quite a lot. He says being a good neighbor is good for the environment: