Bi-National Monitoring for Detroit River

The Detroit River has always been a vital resource for both the U.S.
and Canada. This week in Windsor, a group of environmentalists,
scientists, and interested citizens are getting together to talk about
the health of the river. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Gina
Carrier reports, they hope to do more than just share information:

Planetarium Turns Lights Back On

A school trip to the planetarium usually means a trip to one of the
Midwest’s bigger cities. The big planetariums in Chicago, Grand Rapids,
and Milwaukee bring in school groups from miles around. But some
schools, even in small rural communities, have their own planetarium in
house. One Michigan school system recently spent over 40-thousand
dollars to light their stars back up. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Tamar Charney reports:

Fda to Release Bioengineered Food Rules

The Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for genetically engineered foods will soon be released. It’s likely little will change for companies that produce biotech foods. But more of a burden will be placed on producers that want to make it clear their foods are grown the conventional way. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports: