A New Threat to Agriculture?

The gulf war highlighted the fact that biological weapons are a real
and serious threat to human health. But only recently has a related
danger come to light: That is, the possibility of bioterrorists
targeting plants and animals and affecting the food supply. As the
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports, plant pathologists
gathered in Montreal this month (August) to talk about protecting
agriculture from bioterrorism:

Farmers Protest Atrazine Study

A study by the Environmental Group says the water quality in 7 Great
Lakes States is polluted with the herbicide atrazine. The Washington
based organization says people living in those states are exposed to
high amounts of the chemical. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Tom Scheck reports, farm groups are protesting the study:

Developing Nutritional Rice

A Swiss researcher believes he’s found a way to correct two major
nutritional problems in the world. The researcher has genetically
altered rice to make it more healthful, but there are still obstacles
ahead…. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports: