Coast Guard Feels the Heat

A Wisconsin member of Congress is warning the Coast Guard to pay more
attention to Great Lake’s needs. U-S Representative Dave Obey says he
is fed up with what he calls foot-dragging to replace the World War Two
vintage ice breaker, Mackinaw. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike
Simonson reports:

A Midwestern Wolf Hunt?

Wolves have made a spectacular recovery the past twenty years through
protection by the federal endangered species act. But now the
State of Minnesota is debating a public hunting and trapping season. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Nick Van Der Puy reports.

Whooping Cranes Find a Home

Wisconsin could become the first state in the eastern U-S to host a
nesting area for migrating whooping cranes. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Chuck Quirmbach reports:

Nuking Nuclear Waste

Finding a way to safely dispose of nuclear waste has been a problem that
has plagued the nuclear industry since the Cold War. But as the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium’s Suzanne Elston has discovered, a physicist from
Boise, Idaho has plans to give nuclear waste a taste of its own

Talking to the Chameleon

Chameleons are known for the signals they send with their bodies. In
just 30 seconds, they can change dramatically. But chameleons don’t hear
well. And scientists thought they didn’t communicate with sound. As the
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Karen Kelly reports, an amateur pet owner
has proved them wrong:

Canada to Accept Cold War Plutonium

Canada is telling the U-S and Russia it’s willing to accept plutonium
from dismantled nuclear warheads. The Canadian Prime Minister says its
Canada’s way of helping destroy the nuclear arsenal. The Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports… some Canadians don’t want to
help if it means shipping weapons grade plutonium through their

New Study on Highways and Sprawl

What role do new highways play in development? That’s the question to
be answered by a study that’ll start soon at the University of Iowa.
The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Herb Trix reports:

Shipwrecks Hit the Web

Lake Superior is home to hundreds of shipwrecks. They’ve been preserved
there for well over a century. And they’re the destination of many
divers, hoping to explore their remains and learn their history.
Now, some of these sunken vessels can be explored without ever getting
wet. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Todd Witter reports:

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Great Lakes Diversion

The International Joint Commission is looking into the issue of
diversion of Great Lakes water. They’ve been given six months to
recommend an interim policy. Over the last two weeks, they’ve been
conducting a series of public forums on the issue. I-J-C Chairman Tom
Baldini has a few thoughts:

Musician Harmonizes With Nature

Music has often imitated nature. Flutes trill to sound like birds.
Cymbals crash and drums thunder like storms. One musician has taken it
a step further and harmonizes with nature. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Lester Graham reports on an artist whose life-long pursuit
has been a musical communion with the earth and its creatures: