Honey Bees Face Another Threat

A new threat to honey bees that had been isolated to four southern
states has just been spotted in the Great Lakes region……and
agriculture officials are warning beekeepers to be on the lookout. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bill Cohen has more:

Bee Keepers Struggle With Declining Markets

Its estimated that the U.S. honeybee industry generates about $8
million in annual revenue. But the industry has taken a serious
financial hit from a mite infestation. Honey bees are being killed and
honey production is down. You might think that would mean higher
prices for honey. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester
Graham reports, the price of honey has actually gone down:

Beekeepers Fight Mite Infestation

Honeybees pollinate crops, flowers, and wild plants, but now the
U.S. honeybee industry is in trouble because of a mite infestation. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports that a quick solution
isn’t likely, because there’s no profit in finding new chemicals to get
rid of the mites: