FDA Faces Lawsuit

A national coalition of scientists, health experts and religiousleaders is suing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The lawsuitfiled today (Wednesday, May 27th) claims that the F-D-A’s policy towardgenetically engineered food doesn’t protect consumers. The Great LakesRadio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Treaty Needed for Water Diversion?

The announcement that Ontario is withdrawing its permit for a privateCanadian company to export Lake Superior water to Asia isn’t enough forone Wisconsin member of Congress. He’s calling for a treaty negotiationbetween Washington and Ontario. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s MikeSimonson reports:

Monitoring Radioactive Levels in the Great Lakes

A U-S/Canadian Great Lakes Commission is calling on both countries tobegin monitoring radiation levels on the Great Lakes. Fall-out fromnuclear weapons testing and nuclear power plants has lead to concernsabout its effects on people and the environment. The Great Lakes RadioConsortium’s Mike Simonson reports:

Restoration Practices Generating Controversy

Years ago, forest preserves were established in many American cities toprotect valuable natural areas from urban development. But over theyears, the health of those preserves has declined. Conservationists arenow trying to repair the damage by actively restoring those naturalareas. But now, some of their techniques are being questioned. TheGreat Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Superfund Remediation

The Great Lakes Region is home to thousands of inactive, abandonedhazardous waste sites. Cleaning them up is often the responsibility ofeach individual state. But the process often takes years and ishampered by a lack of funds, a lack of scientific knowledge, and a lackof political will. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bud Lowell isfollowing the clean-up at one New York site. Today, the siteassessment:

Commentary – The Quest for Purity

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service is proposing national rulesfor organic food production. The new rules are an attempt tostandardize labeling and quality. But as they are now written, theywill still allow irradiation, genetically altered food and syntheticfertilizers…And that has Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator JuliaKing worried:

Traveling Activists Build Support for Forests

Two environmentalists are crisscrossing the country to spread their message of stopping deforestation in America. While saving the forests is a national issue, their approach for building support has a local emphasis. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Jonathan Ahl reports:

Supreme Court Debates Forest Management

Management of the Wayne National Forest in Southeast Ohio is the subject of a U-S Supreme Court Case. The arguments are scheduled this week (Wednesday) in Washington. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Julie Grant Cooper reports on how the decision is expected to set a precedent on how our National Forests are managed: