Recycling Faces a Set-Back

This year, the Environmental Protection Agency highlighted Ann Arbor, Michigan as one of the most progressive recycling communities in the country. The city was on the forefront of recycling PVC plastics, however, recently, Ann Arbor discontinued the program and some worry that sets a negative precedent nationwide. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mary Boyle has more.

Great Printers Project

One third of our nation’s printing industry is concentrated in eight Great Lakes states. While the industry contributes millions to the region’s economy, it also contributes air and water pollution from the printing process. In an effort to curb pollution, an eclectic group of industry reps, environmentalists, and government officials formed the Great Printers Project. The project targeted printers in four Great Lakes states to encourage them to voluntarily reduce pollution at their shops. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mary Boyle examines its impact:

Football Trash Talking

This time of year while football teams battle, and fans scream for their favorite players, they also consume food. Gobbling up hot dogs and popcorn and slurping down pops. But who picks up after these fans when the games are over? The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mary Boyle pays tribute to the clean up team at one of the nation’s largest football stadiums: