Reintroducing the Otter

A coalition of industries, institutions and individuals is making sure
that a piece of their state’s natural heritage is returned. The Great
Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bill Flynn reports on the
three-hundred-thousand dollar New York River Otter Project:

The Comeback of the Wood Frog

Scientists are concerned about a world-wide decline in amphibian
populations. But one scientist has been bringing a frog back to its
native habitat. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports
the Wood frog is once again thriving in an area where it was pushed out
more than 75 years ago:

Reintroducing the American Burying Beetle

A special kind of beetle is near extinction in the U-S. That’s why
Ohio is trying to revive them…by bringing in 29 pairs of the beetles
from Oklahoma. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium reports: