Bush Nominee Faces Challenges

A former state administrator from the Midwest has been nominated by President Bush to fill the nation’s top environmental enforcement position. Former Ohio EPA director Donald Schregardus now faces Senate confirmation to become the Assistant USEPA Administrator for Enforcement and Compliance. But, as Senate confirmation hearings begin in Washington, activists in Ohio say Schregardus’ pro-business philosophy makes him the wrong choice for the job. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Natalie Walston reports:

Other States to Join New York Lawsuit

Air pollution has always ignored state boundaries. And now, New York’s
top lawyer is crossing state lines, as well. For the first time, an
attorney general in one state is threatening to sue power plants in
another. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Karen Kelly reports, now
other states are considering joining the lawsuit:

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The phrase "where the rubber meets the road" is taking on new meaning
in some states. Ohio, for example, is testing rubber in the mix of
asphalt it uses to repave roadways. Ohio and other states say this is
one way to recycle old tires. But, as the Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Julie Grant Cooper reports, researchers aren’t sure it’s
cost effective:

Ohio Ignores Feds

22 States, including all the Great Lakes States except Minnesota, have
been ordered by the federal EPA to slash their nitrogen oxide
pollution. Some of the states are suing to block the order, but Ohio is
going one step further – – it is IGNORING the order. The Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Bill Cohen reports: