Commentary – NAFTA Used to Sue Province

Late last month (October) Sun Belt Water of California filed a $10.5
billion suit against the Canadian government under the North American
Free Trade Agreement. The company claims that it has been mistreated
because the province of British Columbia banned the bulk exports of
water. As Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Suzanne Elston points
out, the outcome of the suit will probably cost us all a lot more than

Proposed Trade Agreement Spells Trouble

Environmentalists warned the North American Free Trade Agreement would
put corporate profits over environmental protection. And now…two
lawsuits filed by U.S. corporations against the Canadian government, are
proving them right. But, as Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator
Suzanne Elston warns, NAFTA is just the beginning. There is another
much more sinister trade agreement looming on the horizon:

Seed Industry Growing in Foreign Markets

The global marketplace is growing, with many industries enjoying theadvantages of free trade agreements that give them easier access toforeign consumers. But seed businesses still face tight regulationswhen it comes to crossing borders, and some in the industry say therestrictions should be loosened up. But if that happens, there may bean environmental price to pay. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s WendyNelson reports: