High Grading Fails the Test

The recent announcement by the National Forest Service canceling a
cutting plan in New Hampshire’s White Mountains has Great Lakes Radio
Consortium commentator Don Ogden thinking about forestry issues we often
don’t hear about:

Making the Right Choice

In a recent poll by the Pew Research Center, more than half of the
respondents said protecting the environment should be a top priority.
But how we do that is up for debate. Now, a new book offers some
suggestions…and maybe a few surprises. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports:

Responsible Pet Ownership?

According to the Humane Society and the American Bird
Conservancy, hundreds of millions of small animals and birds are killed
each year by domestic cats. The two organizations are working together
in an effort named “Cats Indoors! The Campaign for Safer Birds and
Cats.” But Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator, Julia King,
wonders just how safe is too safe: