Great Lakes Fishing Industry Remembered

Like many Great Lakes harbor towns, the days of busy fishing villages
on the waters of Lake Superior are gone. Now these towns are mere
shadows of their heyday, and only a handful of commercial fishing boats
still cast their nets. Pressures from sport anglers and exotic species
have dramatically changed the industry over the past four decades. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson examines how these towns
are trying to rediscover that history:

Golf Craze Sweeps the Region

Business is booming for Michigan’s golf industry. According to the
National Federation of Golf, Michigan now exceeds both California and
Florida for most public golf courses per capita. Even universities are
cashing in on the golf craze by converting parts of their campuses into
golf courses. But now one university, in a wealthy Detroit suburb, is
encountering opposition from environmentalists as they try build a
course on their land. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Marisa Helms

Chicago Wilderness

A coalition in the Chicago area is putting together a unique plan to
make the most of the remnants of the forests, prairies, sand dune
beaches, and other natural areas. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Lester Graham reports that other large cities are watching to see if
Chicago is successful in bringing back native plants and animals to a
largely urban area: