Commentary – Our Own Gehenna

As we approach the celebration of Easter, the thoughts of the Christian community are focused on the life promised after death. But as Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Suzanne Elston reflects, we’re making our own heaven or hell, right here on Earth:

Commentary – Cutting Paper Waste

Remember the paperless society? As we all know, it never really happened. Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Bob Lilienfeld knows why, and has some suggestions on ways to cut back on the ever-increasing avalanche of paper used and thrown away:

Commentary – Recycling Must Pay

There is an increasing demand for recycling and other waste reduction initiatives to be cost effective, but as Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Suzanne Elston points out, nobody ever questions the cost of simply dumping our garbage:

Recycling Faces a Set-Back

This year, the Environmental Protection Agency highlighted Ann Arbor, Michigan as one of the most progressive recycling communities in the country. The city was on the forefront of recycling PVC plastics, however, recently, Ann Arbor discontinued the program and some worry that sets a negative precedent nationwide. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mary Boyle has more.

Commentary – Disposable Pride

Modern inventions are designed to make our lives easier. But as Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Suzanne Elston points out, sometimes easier isn’t always better:

Commentary – Completing the Cycle

Just a generation ago, Americans threw their household waste in one big trash can and sent it off to landfills. Today, recycling is part of the fabric of daily life. We sort and save; carefully putting our bottles curbside or carting them off to the nearest collection site. But what does it mean? Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator, Julia King, wonders if we’ve really learned the lesson, or if we’re just mouthing the words: