Stronger Restrictions on Water Export

The number of people living in areas without fresh water is
growing. And that’s made the Great Lakes more vulnerable to proposals
that would remove large volumes of water. In late March, the International Joint Commission announced a plan to regulate
water removal from the Great Lakes. If adopted, it will severely
bulk exports of drinking water. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Karen Kelly reports:

Selling Great Lakes Water

Ever since last year’s attempt by a Canadian company to sell Lake
Superior water to Asia, the issue of Great Lakes water diversion has
been a hot topic. The International Joint Commission has been asked by
the U-S and Canadian governments to prepare a recommendation on the
issue by August. Over the last three weeks, they have been holding a
series of hearings throughout the Great Lakes region to try and gauge
public sentiment. So far, an overwhelming majority of people have been
speaking out against selling or diverting water, but as the Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson reports, that doesn’t necessarily mean
the I-J-C will prohibit the practice: