A Healthy, Tasty Salt-Substitute

It looks and tastes like salt, but a new salt-substitute may really shake things up when it hits store shelves…adding another market for corn growers and offering a tasty alternative for health-conscious consumers. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Amy Clay reports:

Mourning Dove Hunting

Two-thirds of the states allow hunting of mourning doves. They include Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. But other Great Lakes states outlaw dove hunting – New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Now, a major battle over dove hunting is erupting in Ohio, where it has been legal for just three years. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bill Cohen reports:

Plastic Cars May Jump-Start Recycling

Last week, Chrysler Corporation unveiled a futuristic car at The North American International Auto Show. While much of the publicity focused on the car’s lower emissions, little was said about another possible benefit: the car could jump-start the plastics recycling industry. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Julie Edelson-Halpert has more:

Preserving Chicago’s Calumet Region

The Calumet Region lies just south of Chicago on the southern tip of Lake Michigan. It’s widely known as one of the nation’s most polluted areas. But what’s not widely known is that it’s also home to endangered birds and valuable wetlands. Now residents and environmentalists are hoping that the fifty-square-mile area will soon be designated as a national park. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Tb-Infected Deer

Michigan’s largest farm organization is supporting legislation to get rid of Tuberculosis-infected deer in the state. According to the Farm Bureau, Michigan is the only Great Lakes state that has TB-infected deer. Farmers are worried that the TB will spread to their livestock. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Michelle Corum reports: