Great Lakes Stories – A Scientist’s Memories

Millions of people live in the Great Lakes region…They depend on the Lakes for drinking water, for recreation and in some cases for work. As part of the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s continuing series "Great Lakes Stories," scientist, Henry Rejier shares his memories and feelings of connection to the Lakes:

Great Lakes Stories – Two Teens

There are hundreds of environmentalists, scientists and government bureaucrats who spend their time working to improve or protect the environment of the Great Lakes. Why do they do it? What is their personal connection to the Great Lakes … Today two teenagers talk about why they’ve become interested in environmental issues. The first is Nicki Marsh, the second is Susan Schulte:

Canine Unit Tracks Down Poachers

Mike Evers and a Golden Labrador-Retriever named Sky are always on the hunt. They’re hunting for people, fish, deer and black beer. They’re one of the three Labrador-Retriever canine units with Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources. Evers and Sky work throughout Southern Ontario. They help conservation officers catch poachers. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Myfanwy Davies joined them on a recent hunt: