Nuking Nuclear Waste

Finding a way to safely dispose of nuclear waste has been a problem that
has plagued the nuclear industry since the Cold War. But as the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium’s Suzanne Elston has discovered, a physicist from
Boise, Idaho has plans to give nuclear waste a taste of its own

A Summer Camp for the Children of Chernobyl

For many kids, summer camp means living in rustic cabins and taking part in outdoor activities. But some children are taking a break away from home to help them recover from the results of the Chernobyl accident. For the sixth year in a row, children from Belarus and Ukraine are spending the summer with families in Ohio…a visit some people believe is a matter of life or death. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Kevin Niedermier has more:

Monitoring Radioactive Levels in the Great Lakes

A U-S/Canadian Great Lakes Commission is calling on both countries tobegin monitoring radiation levels on the Great Lakes. Fall-out fromnuclear weapons testing and nuclear power plants has lead to concernsabout its effects on people and the environment. The Great Lakes RadioConsortium’s Mike Simonson reports: