Ice Breaking Ships Kept Busy

Despite warmer temperatures during the past week, ice in the GreatLakes region is worse than usual this year. The Great Lakes RadioConsortium’s Jonathan Ahl reports:


Ice in the Great Lakes Region is worse than usual this year. The Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Jonathan Ahl reports.

The U.S. and Canadian Coast Guards are putting in overtime to break up ice and clear
shipping routes across the Great Lakes. Chief Petty Officer Paul Calvey is with the Coast
Guard’s Cleveland Office. He says the ice levels in some parts of the Great Lakes are the
thickest they’ve been in twenty-five years.

“And this is basically attributed to the colder conditions. We’ve had a much
more severe and much more colder winter so far already and before it even became
winter. And that’s why we are seeing so much ice already.”

Calvey says ice cutting ships have been able to keep most shipping routes clear, but it has
taken a lot of extra effort. He says the conditions are the worst on the St. Mary’s River,
the Detroit River, and in Buffalo Harbor. For the Great Lakes Radio Consortium, I’m
Jonathan Ahl.