Building Affordable Green Homes

Many architects have come up with designs for environmentally friendly
buildings that use a fraction of the energy of current home designs.
But often, creating long-term energy savings means adding additional
up-front costs to the construction. One Great Lakes city is trying to
find a way to encourage architects and builders to incorporate those
advancements into more affordable homes. It may become a model for the
entire region. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Jonathan Ahl has the


For more than a decade the city of Toronto has been searching for a suitable
long-term location for its garbage. Now, Canada’s largest city, has decided
that rather than finding places to bury its garbage, it will simply stop
producing trash. Toronto’s government has declared it will become a zero
waste city by the year 2010. Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator
Suzanne Elston says that for a city with Toronto’s reputation, reaching a
zero waste goal would be nothing short of a miracle:

Consumers Question Quality of Tap Water

It seems more and more people are hesitating before drinking from the
faucet. Many people are concerned about what might be in there besides
water. The water purification industry knows people are questioning the
quality of their product, but they say they’re not sure why. The Great
Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports:

Big Bucks for the Great Lakes?

  • The Great Lakes Commission's Michael Donahue will soon be asking the region's congressional delegations to find billions of dollars for the Great Lakes, but it's not yet clear where the money would be used.

Members of Congress will be asked to come up with billions of dollars for
the Great Lakes. It’s a huge request. And not much is known about how it
would be spent. But many in the region feel it’s time that the Great Lakes
got its share of the federal budget pie. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Lester Graham reports: