Canine Unit Tracks Down Poachers

Mike Evers and a Golden Labrador-Retriever named Sky are always on the hunt. They’re hunting for people, fish, deer and black beer. They’re one of the three Labrador-Retriever canine units with Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources. Evers and Sky work throughout Southern Ontario. They help conservation officers catch poachers. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Myfanwy Davies joined them on a recent hunt:

Pet Diet Pill

It’s not news that Americans are obsessed with weight. And anytime a new product comes along, promising to take off pounds with little effort, chances are, it’s going to make money. And just such a product has hit the store shelves. But it’s not for people. It’s for pets. And it made the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson wonder: How far are we willing to go to get our animals slim and trim?