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Coast Guard Marine Science Technician Sheridan McClellan demonstrates some of the equipment used to check the ballast water of foreign ships. Environmentalists believe the Coast Guard should be given the equipment and authority to more thoroughly check the ships for invasive species in ballast water. (Photo by Lester Graham)

In this "Ten Threats to the Great Lakes" series, we found experts across the region point to alien invasive species as the number one challenge facing the Lakes. The Great Lakes have changed dramatically because of non-indigenous species that compete for food and space with native fish and organisms. More than 160 foreign aquatic species have been introduced since the Lakes were opened to shipping from overseas. It's believed that many of the invasive species hitched a ride in the ballast tanks of ocean-going cargo ships.

Great Lakes NOBOB Project

The Coast Guard's Ballast Water Management Program

U.S. Great Lakes Shipping Association

Producer: Lester Graham
Release Date: October 17, 2005
Running Time: 4:27

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