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Renewal for Davis-Besse & Drive-by Energy Audits

Renewal for Davis-Besse & Drive-by Energy Audits

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Matt Grocoff says icicles are pretty, but they're also a bad sign that your roof could be suffering water damage, drip by drip. (Photo by Matt Grocoff)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 03/03/2011

A 34-year-old nuclear power plant wants to live longer...

This is the Environment Report. I’m Rebecca Williams.

A coalition of environmental groups wants to stop a nuclear power plant in Ohio from renewing its license. Jennifer Guerra has the details:

The operating license for the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio runs out in 2017. By that point, the plant will be 40 years old. And now First Energy – the company that owns the plant – wants to renew the license for another twenty years.

That’s the last thing Michael Keegan wants. He’s with the environmental group, Don’t Waste Michigan. Keegan and others went before a panel to challenge the license renewal:

“We have solar, wind and in combination, we have replacement power available now and which can be put in place prior to 2017.”

The panel now has to decide whether the environmental groups can move forward with their petition to intervene.

To date, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has yet to deny a license renewal, though several applications are still pending.

In Michigan, the license for the Fermi II Nuclear Plant is good through 2025.

For the Environment Report, I’m Jennifer Guerra.


This is the Environment Report.

In the winter... there’s a quick and easy way to find out where your house is leaking energy... just by looking at your roof a day or two after a good snow.’s Matt Grocoff invited me along on what he calls a drive-by energy audit:

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