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Sand Dune Developer & Beekeepers' Favorite Invasive

Sand Dune Developer & Beekeepers' Favorite Invasive

Spotted knapweed, or star thistle, is a favorite of bees. Some beekeepers say star thistle honey puts Northern Michigan on the map. (Photo by Flickr user JanetandPhil)

Host: Rebecca Williams
Show date: 02/24/2011

Next month a federal judge in Kalamazoo will hear arguments in a case that pits Saugatuck Township against a billionaire looking to develop his property that includes coastal dunes along Lake Michigan. Lindsey Smith reports.

Aubrey McClendon wants to build a marina, condos, houses, and a golf course. Jim Bruinsma represents him.

“We contend that we have been unfairly singled out for unique zoning restrictions, really unfair procedures.”

Bruinsma alleges township officials are biased against his client. That’s why McClendon is going to court instead of asking for a zoning change first.

Saugatuck Township’s attorney Craig Noland says he needs to go through the same process as everyone else.

“The township has not done anything illegal. It is prepared to make decisions on the record and in an open and transparent manner.”

The hearing is set for March 7th. For The Environment Report, I’m Lindsey Smith.


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