Success in Controlling the Lamprey

  • Sea lampreys feed on a lake trout. The invasive species damages the Great Lakes fishery. (photo courtesy Great Lakes Fishery Commission)

A new effort to eradicate the sea lamprey is attacking one major
trouble spot. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham
reports… the parasite is being trapped and poisoned:

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Sea Lamprey Soufflé?

A recent discovery has put the brakes on a plan to market Great Lakes sea lamprey to Europeans as a gourmet food. Scientists have found high levels of mercury in the lamprey, making it unfit to eat. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson has the story:

Screening Out Exotics

Efforts to find new technology to stop the spread of exotic speciesentering the Great Lakes continue, even as some worry that a virus-basedthreat could make its way here. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s MikeSimonson has more: