Pollution Hot Spots Get the Scoop

Polluted sediments sit at the bottom of rivers and lakes across the Great Lakes region. They can affect water quality, wildlife and human health. More than 40 highly contaminated areas in the region have been identified by the EPA’s Great Lakes Office. But so far, only about half of those sites have been cleaned up. This summer, dredging is taking place in at least three of those hot spots, all on rivers. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Karen Kelly reports on the challenges of cleaning up a river bottom:

Casino Offends Mohawks

America has seen a boom in casino gambling over the last decade, fueled
in large part by tribal casinos. Now, one New York tribe wants to cash
in, and leaders are eyeing a big payoff for the community. They say the
12-million dollar Akwesasne (aqua-saz-nee) Mohawk Casino will spark
economic benefits for members of the reservation and surrounding
areas. But some tribal members are protesting its opening, saying it
is culturally inappropriate. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Todd
Moe reports: