Invasive Fish on the Move

An exotic species is making its way toward Lake
Michigan… from Lake Superior. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Mike Simonson reports that the Eurasian Ruffe (ROUGH) fish is
multiplying at a rate wildlife specialists can’t control, threatening to
spread to other Great Lakes:

Battle Lines Drawn for the Round Goby

  • A plan by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is intended to stop invasive species from traveling between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi river and its tributaries.

The government is trying to stop an invader from expanding from the GreatLakes into the Mississippi River system. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’sLester Graham reports… the field of battle is a small channel nearChicago:

Dead Fish Are No Cause for Alarm

As trout fishing season opens up throughout the country this month
(April), many fisherman will be lining the banks of streams, lakes
and ponds. One thing that may startle these anglers is the large
amount of dead fish washing up on the shore. But as the Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Tom Scheck reports, conservation officials say
pollution and chemical spills may not be to blame: