Mass Balance Study Underway

For the past four years, scientists have been hard at work around Lake Michigan, taking hundreds of water, sediment, and air samples and analyzing the data. It’s part of a study like no other—the largest of it’s kind. And the results are expected to have world-wide applications. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports:

Marsh Monitoring Program

Marshes and other wetlands across the Great Lakes region are disappearing. Others are polluted. And that means trouble for the animals that live in them, especially birds and frogs. The four-year-old Marsh Monitoring Program based in Ontario uses hundreds of volunteers across the region to keep track of wildlife in wetland areas. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Andy Robins reports:

Groups Gather to Discuss Alvar Protection

This week (week of June 8th), an international group of scientists, policy-makers, and conservationists will gather in Tobermory (TOE-burr-mor-ee), Ontario to discuss strategies for protecting one of world’s rarest and least publicized habitats—the alvar. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s David Hammond reports: