Zoo’s Import Captive Breeding Technique (Part 1)

  • Ann van Dyk isthe director and owner of the De Wildt Cheetah Center in South Africa. Her efforts to breed cheetahs in captivity have been recognized as thechief reason the cheetah is no longer on the endangered species list.

Zoos in North America have been working with
a small farm in South Africa to save one of the
fastest animals on earth. In the first report of a
two-part series… the Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Lester Graham reports… the effort
has helped restore populations of cheetahs in the
wild and in zoos:

Questioning the Need for Captive Breeding (Part 2)

  • A pair of cheetahs in a gamepark in Swaziland are protected from hunters. However, there are few places left in the wild for the sleek cats.

Although the cheetah was removed from the endangered species
list more than a decade ago… zoos are still breeding the animal in
captivity. In the second report of a two part series… the Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports… along with a cheetah center
in Africa… the zoos plan to keep producing cheetahs in case something
happens to the animal in the wild:

Wolf Killed by Government Order

A timber wolf has been shot by a federal officer in Wisconsin. For the
past twenty-five years the wolf has been listed on the federal
endangered species list. But now the wolf’s status is being changed from
endangered to threatened making it easier to use lethal force on problem
wolves. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Nick Van Der Puy has more: