Mercury Emissions Hit the ‘Net’

The U-S Environmental Protection Agency will soon require some coal-burning power plants to report how much mercury their smokestacks are emitting. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports that the E-P-A will post the information on the Internet:

Utilities Bear Cost of New Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency is requiring 22 states to reduceemissions that lead to smog. The states will likely go after electricpower plants that burn fossil fuels. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’sLester Graham reports that the power companies say they’re beingtargeted unfairly and the consumer cost will be high:

The Cost of Cheap Electricity

Concern about the environmental impacts of deregulating the electricitymarket have taken a back seat to promises of cheaper power and customerchoice on both sides of the border. But, as Great Lakes RadioConsortium Commentator Suzanne Elston has discovered, proponents ofgreen power just got a very strong ally:

Monitoring Radioactive Levels in the Great Lakes

A U-S/Canadian Great Lakes Commission is calling on both countries tobegin monitoring radiation levels on the Great Lakes. Fall-out fromnuclear weapons testing and nuclear power plants has lead to concernsabout its effects on people and the environment. The Great Lakes RadioConsortium’s Mike Simonson reports: