Beetle Infestation Spreads

A recent discovery of the Asian long horned beetle has caused entomologistsin the Chicago area to declare an outbreak. That worries officials that thetree killing bug could make it’s way into other parts of the Great LakesRegion. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Tom Scheck reports:

Rat Patrol

They can chew through cinderblock…tread water for days…And survive…if necessary, by just eating dog feces. But they’re not some kind of mutant superhero…they’re rats. And in cities, where rat populations can quickly explode, there’s a constant battle against the resilient rodents. Today, some cities are winning the war with some surprisingly simple solutions. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson explains:

El Nino Creates Ladybug Explosion

El Nino has been blamed for several things this year…And now there’s one more—an explosion of ladybugs. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Beverly Amsler explains: