Discovering Impacts of the ’93 Flood

  • Like many other trees that produce food for wildlife, this pecan tree died after the '93 flood.

It’s been more than five years since the great flood of ’93 hit the
upper Mississippi River and its tributaries. Since then towns have been
moved to higher ground. New levees have been built. And… people —for
the most part— have recovered from the damage. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Lester Graham reports that researchers are finding the
long-term damage has been to the environment:

Mississippi River Initiative

The federal government says a year long effort to crack down onpolluters of the Mississippi River has been a success. Butenvironmentalists say more needs to be done…. The Great Lakes RadioConsortium’s Bill Raack reports:

One Man’s Quest for a Clean Shoreline

In 1997, an Illinois man single-handedly cleaned fifty-miles of Mississippi River shoreline. This summer he’s aiming for more than four-hundred miles. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Herb Trix reports: