Mining Endangers Sand Dunes (Wrap Version)

Sand dune mining has been going on around Lake Michigan since the dawn
of the industrial age. The sand is used by foundries to make molds for
casting metal. But despite a 1976 law to protect the dunes, a new
report released today (Tuesday 4/20) claims the dunes are in more danger
than ever. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports:

Dunes in Danger

The Great Lakes have the highest concentration of fresh water sand
dunes anywhere in the world. They were created thousands of years ago,
when the glaciers that formed the lakes receded. Wind patterns shaped
the dunes, which often tower hundreds of feet above the lakes. But over
the years, some sand dunes have disappeared. And others are slowly
being chipped away. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Wendy Nelson

One Man’s Quest for a Clean Shoreline

In 1997, an Illinois man single-handedly cleaned fifty-miles of Mississippi River shoreline. This summer he’s aiming for more than four-hundred miles. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Herb Trix reports: