Responsible Pet Ownership?

According to the Humane Society and the American Bird
Conservancy, hundreds of millions of small animals and birds are killed
each year by domestic cats. The two organizations are working together
in an effort named “Cats Indoors! The Campaign for Safer Birds and
Cats.” But Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator, Julia King,
wonders just how safe is too safe:

Commentary – Love Thy Pet

Recent challenges to the ingredients in commercial pet food have more than pet owners concerned. A whole new debate is brewing over how Americans treat their pets. But Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Lisa Bartel says how we treat others—human or non-human—says more about who we are as people than we realize:

Commentary – The Truth About Pet Food

One California-based animal rights group is calling for aboycott of commercial pet food. The Animal Protection Institute claimsthat most consumers are unaware that they are not providing their petswith proper nutrition. The group charges that most commercial foodscontain things like slaughterhouse waste, roadkill and restaurant greaseand they’re calling on pet owners to replace commercial foods withfresher, more nutritious foods. However, not everyone is sold on theidea. Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Julia King questions thewisdom of treating pets like people: