D-D-E May Degrade Naturally

The notorious pesticide D-D-T was banned in the United States in the 1970’s. But D-D-T left behind several toxic byproducts. One of those is D-D-E. However, a new study published in this month’s Science magazine suggests that D-D-E may be decaying naturally. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Solving the Farm Odor Problem

The expansion of large scale hog and chicken farms continues to be acontroversial issue throughout much of the Midwest. The foul odor fromthe animal manure has angered rural residents. Now, scientists aretrying to minimize the stench by learning what makes manure smell sobad. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Commentary – The Quest for Purity

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service is proposing national rulesfor organic food production. The new rules are an attempt tostandardize labeling and quality. But as they are now written, theywill still allow irradiation, genetically altered food and syntheticfertilizers…And that has Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator JuliaKing worried:

New Corn Variety Lowers Agricultural Impact

Manure spills and overflow from large hog farms has become a problem for many local waterways. Those spills often contains high levels of nitrates and pesticides which can endanger fish populations and contaminate water supplies. But now, researchers have found a variety of corn that could make hog manure less harmful. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel Reports:

Illinois River to Be Protected

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the State of Illinois are teaming up to save the heavily polluted Illinois River. The project is being hailed as the nation’s "largest effort to save an ailing river." The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel reports:

Organic Producers Upset About Standard

A coalition of organic farmers, natural food stores and supermarkets in three Great Lakes states is pressuring the federal government to scrap proposed standards on "organically grown food." The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Bud Lowell has more:

Potato Plague Resurgence

The fungus responsible for the Irish Potato Famine that claimed more than one million lives in 1840 is back and stronger than ever. Scientists are warning American potato growers to beware. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel has the story:

Tuberculosis Spreading Through Deer Populations

Despite efforts by Michigan officials to curb the spread of Tuberculosis-infected white-tail deer, the disease is spreading. Farmers fear the TB-infected deer may threaten their livestock and are asking officials to take stronger measures to control the disease. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Michelle Corum reports: