Proposed Trade Agreement Spells Trouble

Environmentalists warned the North American Free Trade Agreement would
put corporate profits over environmental protection. And now…two
lawsuits filed by U.S. corporations against the Canadian government, are
proving them right. But, as Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator
Suzanne Elston warns, NAFTA is just the beginning. There is another
much more sinister trade agreement looming on the horizon:

Seaway Appointment Irks Port Authorities

The appointment of a congressional aide from California to head up the Saint Lawrence Seaway system has drawn fire from all of the Great Lakes’ Port Authorities. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson reports that critics are calling the appointment process a sham

Appeals Made in Water Diversion Decision

A series of pre-hearing meetings have begun over an Ontario waterbottling company’s efforts to export Lake Superior water to Asia. TheGreat Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson reports that the appeal isfacing an uphill battle: