City Sued Over Lethal Tap Water

The ability to sue, if your community provides unhealthy drinking water
is back before the courts. Some who say they were harmed by a parasite
in Milwaukee’s water supply in 1993 are pressing ahead with a lawsuit
against that city. But the case faces a major hurdle this month. The
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Chuck Quirmbach explains:

Commentary – It Can’t Happen Here

In the wake of the recent Japanese and Korean nuclear accidents, North
American experts were quick to point out that it couldn’t happen here.
Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Suzanne Elston disagrees:

Can Biotech Feed the World?

This month the number of people on Earth reaches six-billion. Food
experts say feeding the world’s population will put more pressures on
the environment unless existing farms can increase production. … but
experts argue about the best way to do that. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Lester Graham has more:
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Other States to Join New York Lawsuit

Air pollution has always ignored state boundaries. And now, New York’s
top lawyer is crossing state lines, as well. For the first time, an
attorney general in one state is threatening to sue power plants in
another. As the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Karen Kelly reports, now
other states are considering joining the lawsuit:

Determining the True Price of Produce

Many farmers are upset about the gap between what they earn for
crops, and what consumers pay at the supermarket. Now, a growers’
association is publicizing the disparity on the Internet. The "produce
price index" shows what farmers get for crops, compared to the retail
price…and gives the price spread between the two. The Great Lakes Radio
Consortium’s Wendy Nelson reports:

High Grading Fails the Test

The recent announcement by the National Forest Service canceling a
cutting plan in New Hampshire’s White Mountains has Great Lakes Radio
Consortium commentator Don Ogden thinking about forestry issues we often
don’t hear about:

Can Agriculture Keep Up?

As of this month (Oct.), there are six billion people on the planet and
the population will keep rising. It’s predicted the population will hit
eight-and-half billion by the year 2025. But some experts say the demand
for food will rise even faster. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
Lester Graham reports… feeding the world will be one of the biggest
challenges of the coming century: