Scientists Push for Tougher Arsenic Standards

Groundwater in some Great Lakes states has been found to meet or exceed
acceptable levels of naturally occurring arsenic. Growing concern about
the health effects of arsenic consumption recently prompted the U-S
Academy of Sciences to recommend that the federal government create more
stringent standards for human consumption of arsenic. The Great Lakes
Radio Consortium’s Marisa Helms has the story:

One Man and a Wheelbarrow

  • Using donated boats and motors, more than 200 tons of trash and junk has been pulled from the river during the last two years. Pregracke is looking toward new rivers now.

One man is on a campaign to clean up the nation’s rivers. He’s not
pushing a public relations campaign… he’s pushing a wheel barrow. Last
year alone he picked up 200-tons of trash along the Mississippi River.
The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports… now he’s
moving on to other rivers:

Looking for the Perfect Hiding Place

As a child you probably had a hiding place – a nook under the eaves of
your house or a hideout in the backyard. But today’s kids have fewer
chances to play in these places than earlier generations did. As the
Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Tamar Charney reports there are some
designers at the University of Michigan who are starting to pay
attention to what children want when they play: