Vanishing Frogs – The Possible Culprit

Frogs and toads are disappearing all over the world…and no one knows allthe reasons why. The destruction of wetlands and other places whereamphibians live is one of the major causes…but frogs and toads have alsobeen dying out in protected sites far from any human disturbance. Worldwideenvironmental problems – airborne contaminants, global climate change, orhigher than normal ultraviolet light from the earth’s thinning ozone layer -have all been linked to frog disappearances, but now there’s hard evidenceof another possible culprit. Mary Losure (low-sure) reports for the GreatLakes Radio Consortium on the worldwide vanishing of frogs. This secondreport in our series begins in the Panamanian rain forest:

Frogs Help Us Understand Human Effects

Frogs and toads have lived on earth for more than 100-million-years. Theysurvived whatever extinguished the dinosaurs, yet in our age, they seem tobe vanishing. Reporting for the Great Lakes Radio Consortium, Mary Losure(low-sure) examines this scientific mystery, in the first of a three-partseries. It’s a detective story in which the victims are frogs, notpeople…but people may have a big stake in the mystery’s solution.Amphibians are sensitive indicators of environmental problems. If we canfind out what’s killing frogs, we may also learn if it will someday harm us:

Deformed Frogs Spell Trouble for Humans

In the years since the first reports about the disappearance of frogsworldwide, many researchers have warned the plight of amphibians may be anearly sign of environmental problems that could affect humans. More recentreports of DEFORMED frogs have added to these concerns. Mary Losure(low-sure) has the final report in our series for the Great Lakes RadioConsortium: