Appeals Made in Water Diversion Decision

A series of pre-hearing meetings have begun over an Ontario waterbottling company’s efforts to export Lake Superior water to Asia. TheGreat Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson reports that the appeal isfacing an uphill battle:

Commentary – The Green Coordinator

Wal-Mart, with its sprawling parking lots and its abundance of plastics,often makes an easy target for environmentalists. But does being big haveto mean being bad? Big business can mean big money and a big commitment tothe environment. Great Lakes Radio Consortium commentator Julia Kingrecently saw a glimmer of hope in the vast aisles of a super Wal-Mart. Ordid she?

Business Waste Exchange

All around the country, efforts are being made to get businesses to take each other’s waste, and turn it into usable materials. In the past four years, material exchange organizations in Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and Ontario have aggressively pursued this angle in recycling. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mieke Tonn visited one of these organizations and has this report:

Global Worming

Remember when you were a kid, how you’d spend hours sitting in the yard,poking around, looking for creepy crawly things? If one woman has herway, a lot more of us will rediscover that joy…And as adults, alsoappreciate some practical benefits. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’sWendy Nelson explains:

Incinerating Chicken Waste Provides Energy

Chickens raised on U.S. poultry farms produce nearly twentymillion-tons of manure every year. That waste is difficult to disposeof and can pollute water supplies. Now one British company thinks it’sfound a profitable way to manage that manure. The Great Lakes RadioConsortium’s Steve Frenkel has more:

Treaty Needed for Water Diversion?

The announcement that Ontario is withdrawing its permit for a privateCanadian company to export Lake Superior water to Asia isn’t enough forone Wisconsin member of Congress. He’s calling for a treaty negotiationbetween Washington and Ontario. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s MikeSimonson reports:

Commentary – Polluter Pays

The Federal Clean Air Act requires businesses that emit certain air pollutants to cover the costs of regulating that pollution at the state level. It’s designed to be a market-based approach which theoretically, should give polluters a fiscal incentive to reduce their emissions. But Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Lana Pollack says that not all businesses are paying their fair share:

Commercial Lamprey Harvest May Soon End

A program to control the invasion of exotic species has got the lamprey eel under control throughout the Great Lakes…everywhere except the St. Mary’s River. But now, the lamprey are the target of a new time-release chemical that should reduce the lamprey population by 85-percent. But as the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Mike Simonson reports, bringing the species under control will mean the end to a recent money-making experiment:

Mining Moratorium Law

Environmental groups in Wisconsin are calling on Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson to move quickly to sign tough new mining regulations into law. But the Governor says he wants to talk to industry leaders and local residents before signing it. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Gil Halsted reports: