No Redesign Planned for B-T Corn

Monsanto says it has no plans to redesign a genetically
engineered corn plant that’s been linked to the death of larvae of
butterflies. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham reports:

Peter Raven-The Role of Science in Stewardship

Time Magazine recently published profiles of people it considers "Heroes of
the Planet." Among them was Peter Raven. He’s the director of the Missouri
Botanical Garden. Raven has used his position as a platform to preach
better stewardship of the Earth. In the second of a series of interviews…
the Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Lester Graham sat down with Raven in his
botanical garden to talk about advances in the laboratory that could affect
all life on Earth:

B-T Corn Research Heads Into Field

In a recent issue of the journal, Nature, Cornell researchers released a
report claiming that pollen from a genetically engineered, or BT, corn
has a deadly effect on the monarch butterfly. But industry
representatives criticized the results, saying the lab-work didn’t
duplicate a real-life scenario. So now, Cornell scientists are heading
into the field for more research. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s
David Hammond has more:

Corn-To-Ethanol Study

A technology group in upstate New York was recently awarded a
187-thousand dollar grant to study the feasibility of opening a
corn-to-ethanol facility. The study will determine the economic
potential of producing ethanol at a long-vacant grain processing plant
in the region. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Elizabeth Christensen
reports on what could be a boon to corn farmers in the Great Lakes

New Corn Variety Lowers Agricultural Impact

Manure spills and overflow from large hog farms has become a problem for many local waterways. Those spills often contains high levels of nitrates and pesticides which can endanger fish populations and contaminate water supplies. But now, researchers have found a variety of corn that could make hog manure less harmful. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Steve Frenkel Reports: