Coal: Dirty Past, Hazy Future: A documentary by The Environment Report


An in-depth look at the future of coal in this country. The Environment Report explores the role that coal plays in our lives and in the lives of those who depend on coal mining for a living. Can coal truly be a viable option in the new green economy? Support for this series comes from the Joyce Foundation.

– Written by Mark Brush, Rebecca Williams, Lester Graham and Shawn Allee
– Produced by Mark Brush and Rebecca Williams
– Executive Producer: Tamar Charney
– Additional reporting by Erika Celeste, Sandra Sleight-Brennan. Julie Halpert, and Matt Shafer Powell
– Production coordinator: Jessi Ziegler
– Production assistance from Erin Kelly and Katherine Kelly Martin
– Narrated by Lester Graham
– Web page and slideshow created by Nick Meador
– Music was composed by Paul Brill
– Special thanks to Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford and the Thomas Edison National Historic Park

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