Lake Supporters Take a Hike

Supporters of
Lake Superior plan to take a long walk this summer. Around the whole lake…all 14
hundred miles around. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium
‘s Mike Simonson has more:


Supporters of lake superior plan to take a long walk this summer. Around the
whole lake. All 14-hundred miles around. Mike Simonson reports for the Great
Lakes Radio Consortium:

Sandy Lyons is one of dozens of people who will be circling Lake Superior on

“Yup. We’re already getting our shoes ready.”

Lyons is with the Protect the Earth organization. She says they’re urging
people to support a seventh-generation amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The
amendment would force government and industry to consider the implications of
their actions seven generations from now. Lyons says that’s particularly
fitting for Lake Superior.

“It takes about 200 years in fact for that water to come into that lake,
go through the lake and then go back out the lake, that’s almost 7 generations
so that’s one symbolic way to understand the importance of water to human

The trek will begin in late June, starting in northern Wisconsin, then proceed
to Superior, up to Thunderbay, Ontario to Sault Saint Marie, and back to

For the Great Lakes Radio Consortium, I’m Mike Simonson in Superior, Wisconsin.