Commentary – Driving Through Wildlife Habitat

With natural habitat continuing to shrink, wildlife encounters of the worst kind are on the rise. Roadsides throughout the Midwest bear sad evidence that many wild animals will never adapt to the presence of our vehicles. As Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Gayle Miller points out, we might spare the lives of countless creatures by doing a bit of adapting ourselves:

Commentary – Recycling at Risk

In recent months, the country’s solid waste companies have been engaged in what amounts to a battle of the giants. As corporations like USA Waste and Waste Management merge and gain power, small, independent waste haulers are being swallowed whole. The Great Lakes Radio Consortium’s Gayle Miller believes the frenzy in the solid waste industry spells bad news for recycling:

Commentary – Men Love to Mow

In communities throughout the Midwest, city residents are moving to the country, seeking their own little slice of nature. But as residential lawns take over farm fields, nature itself is suffering. Great Lakes Radio Consortium Commentator Gayle Miller, blames the loss of wildlife habitat on men, their love of mowing, and their obsession with big, green lawns: