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Part 5: The Science Behind Dioxin Delays

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West Michigan Park lies along the Tittabawassee River. Large swaths of its soil was removed and re-sodded due to dioxin contamination. The removal was part of a US EPA effort to have Dow clean up several hot spots in the rivershed. (Photo by Shawn Allee)

Two rivers in central Michigan were polluted with dioxin 30 years ago. The dioxin came from a Dow chemical plant. The toxin's been found in fish, animals, and dirt, but, of all those, contaminated soil might be the touchiest subject. A study done in the area suggests dioxin in soil might not be getting into people living there. In the final part of a series on Dow Chemical and dioxin, Shawn Allee looks at that study and the government's take on it:

The U of M study

The EPA review of the study

An article on the controversy from the Michigan Messenger

Producer: Shawn Allee
Release Date: November 13, 2009
Running Time: 3:37

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