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Hog manure being injected into the ground and tilled under. The manure fertilizes the crops, but if too much is applied it can foul up waterways. (photo by Mark Brush)

Today, we continue our series on pollution in the heartland. Dairy farms are getting bigger. Many keep thousands of cows in buildings the size of several football fields. These big dairy operations can make a lot of milk. That translates into cheaper prices at the grocery store. But some worry these large farms are polluting the land around them. In the fourth story of our week-long series, the GLRC's Mark Brush visits a big Midwestern dairy farm:

Information about concentrated animal farms from the CDC

The Vander Hoffs' views on waste management

The Sierra Club's view on CAFOs

Producer: Mark Brush
Release Date: July 31, 2006
Running Time: 4:32

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