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A bridge for a river... this portion of the Erie Canal crossed the Genesee River via an aqueduct in Rochester, NY. This photo was taken around 1914. (From the collection of the Rochester Public Library Local History Division)

The Ten Threats to the Great Lakes" is looking first at alien invasive species. There are more than 160 non-native species in the Great Lakes basin. If they do environmental or economic harm, they're called invasive species. There are estimates that invasive species cost the region billions of dollars a year. Different species got here different ways. David Sommerstein tells us how some of the region's earliest invaders got into the Lakes:

Learn more about invasive species and the Erie Canal (.pdf document)

Learn more about the sea lamprey from the US Geological Survey

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Producer: David Sommerstein
Release Date: October 17, 2005
Running Time: 4:17

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